• Kirill S

    Referred to by his professional colleagues as “the brain,” Kirill S is a multilingual, profit-focused, internet marketing strategist, mobile app developer, and entrepreneur. Storch started his career in politics, working at the offices of his local State Assembly and later, the US Congress.

    After several years in politics, Storch decided to enter the private sector, creating his company, “Electric Web,” one of California’s leading companies for mobile app development, programming, PR, and online revenue. Electric Web clients have ranged from national brands, such as Keller Williams, to marketing / advertising agencies looking to offer innovative services for their clients, and small business owners.

    Kirill Storch

  • Brandon B

    Brandon B is a graphic designer and illustrator with over nine years of experience. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Kellogg’s and Campbell’s Soup Company. In 2011, he led the art direction for Campbell’s holiday collection including their iconic “Campbell’s Soup Kids Calendar”. His other notable projects include “Two Men and a Truck,” “Pop Tart World,” and “The Pure Michigan Campaign.” He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University and an AS in Digital Media from Full Sail University.

    Brandon Beach

  • Paul S

    Paul S is a full stack developer and head of programming at Electric Web. He trained at the Nara Institute of Technology where he became versed in neuroinformatics and developed the world’s first Brain Computer Interface for the analysis of dream data. His past work history includes Citrix and other notable Bay Area companies. He is passionate about all things code and you can regularly find him competing and winning local hackathons throughout the Bay Area.

  • Rob R

    From the outskirts of Toronto, Rob R has been developing websites for the past 13 years. During the past few years, his role in the web development community has been closely focused on web standards and accessibility. The importance of web standards is increasingly growing and creating much awareness for past and current web developers alike.

    Rob R has actively participated as a professor at Durham College teaching in the Media, Art & Design School – the web programs. In addition to teaching, he assisted the Durham College advisory board for the Web Developer’s program in Ontario for the Ministry of Education.

    Rob Ragusa